I was fortunate enough to save money so I can watch A SILENT VOICE.  The movie was based on the popular manga of the same title.  It follows the tale of a kid who bullied his deaf classmate, his regret was so great that he tried to make up for his mistake.

What made the movie resound for me is the Deaf disability as a theme.

Most of the signs done in the film are easily understood as it is based on American Sign Language but some sign may cause a few non JSL (Japanese Sign Language) users to chuckle.  Case in point is the Japanese sign language for friends.


For Filipino and American Sign language users, that sign means MARRY.  You might accidentally ask someone’s hand in marriage.

The movie’s slow piano and background music added more emotion in the film.  It becomes more profound in the final moments of the film.

Overall it is one of the best movies that showcases the hardships of being deaf, as a hard of hearing person I can attest to these difficulties.  Go watch the movie on its limited theatrical run in the Philippines starting on May 10, 2017