Tertiary schools are facing a problem on academic dishonesty.  You have students “pasting” an article online and submitting it only to put their names on top of the paper, it may even be as innocent as copying a classmates home work.  During the Press Freedom week 2015, their speaker made a suggestion that tertiary schools ought to develop a culture of accountability.

How can this culture of accountability be made? Ager (2015) reporting for the Philippine Daily Inquirer narrated an incident where a student committed suicide as his teacher made him wrote a letter of apology for plagiarizing a line or two.

As an educator, this is a paradox of problems.  A teacher can merely guide but in so doing many unexpected variable may arise.

Here is a few suggestions from my experience.

  • Devote a session entirely for the purpose of discussion what plagiarism is and how students can avoid it.
  • Discussion how they can avoid plagiarism.
  • Be responsive, be quick to rectify attitude problems.
  • You may refer to the guidance center but in doing so you may appear like a villain in a disney movie.
  • Reflect on your student-teacher relationship, Are you perceived to be a terror?

Feel free to post suggestions in the comment section.