So my research was published by the Journal of Human Research and Sustainability Studies of Delaware, USA.  If you have missed the post, you can download the study at Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies.

Once your paper has been published, what’s next? 
Expect spam mails from various research journals urging you to contribute.  The journal which published your work may request you to act as a “peer reviewer”.

What is a Peer Reviewer?
Peer Reviewer is someone who works in the the academic / research / industry that will review your work to see if the research traditions of either Quantitative, Qualitative or Mixed Research designs was preserved in your work.  If he is not known by the researcher, the peer reviewer is classified as a “single blind”.  If both the researcher and the peer reviewer do not know each others identity until the paper is published, he is classified as a “Double blind peer review”

How long does it take to reviewer a research?
Peer reviewers are generally given a maximum of two weeks to go over a research paper.  Some peer reviewers work fast such that the paper submitted for review was immediately reviewed within a day.

Do you earn money from peer reviewing?
SADLY NO however you do get non-monetary benefits like seeing your name being credited as an editor to a paper, it may also mean academic exposure to the international community.

What do you get as a peer reviewer?
If your review is satisfactory your may be appointed as a guest reviewer (see link below) other than that you just feel good of helping someone make a better paper and hopefully it will challenge you to read and study more about the methods of research.
Aljoriz M. Dublin JHRSS Appointment letter –Reviewer